Community Rules

Chicisimo is all about personal style looks. Looks from real people. This is the most important rule!

You can bring to Chicisimo 2 types of looks:
1.- You can upload your own looks
2.- You can save looks that you find outside Chicisimo, for example, on your favorite blogs.

The first type of looks always go to a section called “My looks” on your profile. The second type of looks always go to one of your albums (you can use the “Save look” button).


There is more!
1.- Share complete outfits. From head to toe, or at least most of it!

2.- One look per photo. Please do not include two persons in one picture.

3.- The picture should be of good quality, we don’t need professional photos but decent quality is required.

4.- No. No. No. No spam. No photos of children. No nudity. No photoshop. No pajamas.